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#TwiceRemoved with Emma Jolly

Expert genealogist Emma Jolly shares her Black Country ancestor discoveries. Find out about this important industrial area of Britain. What were the lives of the people that lived there like?

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#TwiceRemoved with Naomi Clifford

What was life like for those at home during the WW2? Naomi Clifford discusses the Blitz diaries she discovered, the life of the woman who wrote them and explores the real lived experience of the Blitz.

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#TwiceRemoved with Dr Sara Read

How did our female ancestors cope with periods, childbirth, menopause? How did they understand their own bodies? How did they feel about childbirth? What was their lived experiences like, compared to ours today?

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About the show

Hi, I’m Natalie and I started #TwiceRemoved because I love history and I think everyone should get a chance to enjoy all the subject has to offer. Without requiring prior knowledge. Without the jargon or the fear of asking a ‘stupid question’. So, I sat down (over Zoom) with a host of historical experts from all different disciplines, to quiz them about their area of expertise. Of course, as a family historian each episode has at least a few genealogy questions too! So, come listen in, learning something new and enjoy the fun.

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