#TwiceRemoved with Sylvia Valentine

Twice Removed Series 2 Episode 9

Sylvia Valentine, genealogist and PhD student, talks to me about smallpox and opposition to compulsory vaccination.

What was smallpox? How deadly was it? How did inoculation develop and what was the reaction to it being made compulsory? How did the authorities try to enforce inoculation and how did our ancestors react to this?

Sylvia Valentine gave a fascinating insight into this highly topical subject matter.

Watch A History of Smallpox & Vaccine Opposition with Sylvia Valentine.

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Listen to A History of Smallpox & Vaccine Opposition with Sylvia Valentine.

Smallpox & Vaccine Opposition

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A Spotlight on Sylvia Valentine

Sylvia Valentine has been researching family history for more than 30 years. Her interest was sparked by the unusual first name of her mother in law, Rimmelion, a name which continues within the family.

She is currently undertaking a PhD investigating objections to compulsory vaccination in Scotland between 1863 and 1918.

More information on Sylvia can be found here: http://www.recoveryourroots.co.uk/

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