When I hear someone say
“my ancestors were boring”
it makes me feel sad.

Because our ancestors are part of us...

That dishy bloke on the left is Bill. Handsome, isn’t he? My Great-Gran Zellah, certainly thought so. She was deeply in love with him, but tragically he died serving in WW2. He was only 34 and left behind a widow and 2 small children. Zellah never forgot him, aged 80 she made a pilgrimage to his grave in Tunisia.

Their love story had a huge impact upon their descendants. Gran’s resilience, Bill’s heroism…it shaped my family. Because, our ancestors’ stories are an integral part of who we are. Bill and Zellah’s story runs through my veins.

It’s my passion to help others to discover their family stories. We can’t always hear our ancestors’ personal voices, but we can uncover who they were and learn what makes us who we are today.

And about me, Natalie...

I’m a self-confessed history geek and a Mum of 3. Nowadays my little descendants keep me just as busy as my ancestors. But luckily I live in the countryside, so the kids get to run around outdoors (whilst I get to explore historic villages). Home is beautiful Somerset and I’m right on the border of Dorset – so I have two gorgeous counties at my disposal. Opposite is a pic of my favourite “thinking spot”.

I started tracing my family tree when I was 18, whilst I was also studying for a degree in English Lit. I told you I loved stories, right!? I spent long nights devouring many classic novels. Stories by social commentators (like Charles Dickens) fuelled my interest in discovering the lives of my ancestors – and helped me to understand their world.

After Uni I had a career in Project Management. I really enjoyed it, especially the problem-solving and organising aspects of my roles. I’m not ashamed to say I love a good spreadsheet.

Genealogy Stories allows me to combine my passion for history with the pleasure I take from analysing and structuring data.  

Natalie Pithers


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