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About Me: Natalie Pithers

Photo of me as a baby, being held by my Great Grandmother.

Hello. I’m Natalie and you should know that I’m deeply madly crazily in love with researching family histories.

The photo above is of me and my Great-Gran. I’ve put it here because I blame my Great Gran for my genealogical obsessions! She told the most fantastic tales about her family. There was Frank Davies, who died falling off the runner board of a car. Apparently, he was valiantly escorting a lady to water?!?!?   There was Gran’s mythical and unknown father. A pedlar? A Cardiff boot-maker? There was her absent mother and the warm and loving Jones family that brought her up.

As I entered early adulthood, records began to become available online. With the help of my Mum, I began to explore my ancestor’s stories. Two decades later, I’m still making new discoveries and my love for genealogy has never waned. 

At Uni I studied English Literature and afterwards I went on to work within Project Management. I think genealogy allows me to combine my fascination with stories with my knack for planning and organising! I take joy in the problem-solving, research management, organising and documenting side of genealogy – just as much as I love learning about the lives of all the individuals that make up a tree.

Engaging in family history reminds me that we are all influenced by the lives of others. It is part of being human. We are all connected. Our ancestors were each other’s kinsmen, friends, neighbours. The lives of our ancestors are connected to the lives that we live now – and our lives are connected to the lives of future generations.

It’s this sense of connection that led me to start tracing other people’s genealogies. It led to this website too. I want to connect to others tracing their trees, and to the lives of those ancestors that they seek to uncover. I want to share my stories, research, tips and tricks and (hopefully!) connect with you.

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