The Curious Descendants Club


Organise your family history data and write incredible, history rich stories WITHOUT having to sacrifice continuing your research.

Have you ever...

  • Found yourself drowning in dull data, facts that tell you who your ancestors were but not what their lives were like.
  • Watched popular family history TV programmes and yearned for those sorts of stories within your own tree.
  • Struggled to bring your more ordinary ancestors (those ag labs and labourers) to life.
  • Wished for stories to pass on to your descendants – one’s they’ll love reading.
  • Tried to write up your research but found it’s turned into a long list of facts with sources.
  • Struggled to find the time to write up and share your family history research, or
  • Faced the glazed stares of your family members as you try to explain to them your best genealogy finds.

Do you find yourself...

  • Desperately trying to develop creative writing skills.
  • Just doing more and more and more and more research until your family tree feels so huge and unwieldly you’re left wondering what the heck to do with it!
  • Wishing you could connect with other family history lovers in order to share your findings and stories.
  • Starting to write your stories but constantly seeing the research gaps. Suddenly you find yourself back in that research loop.
  • Missing that sense of connection with your ancestors. The one you sought when you first started tracing your family tree.
  • Wishing you had something to show for all your years of hard work and research. Something tangible that you could pass down the generations.

So what now?

Return to that never ending search for more ancestors? Stare at that scary blank page? Or try something new and different. Finally find a real solution!

Here's what you could do:

  • Take another writing course and it might be great, but then again wasn’t the last one too? The problem is there’s no one around to help you implement what you’ve learnt.
  • Read other people’s stories hoping for inspiration and sure you might enjoy the read, but reading stories is very different to actually writing them.
  • Spend the precious little time you do have swinging from doing ‘bits’ of everything (organising, researching, writing) and feeling like you’ve achieved little.
  • Continue trying to do everything by yourself – alone, with no one to discuss new ideas and no one to answer your questions.
  • Keep researching further and further back and sideways to include more and more cousins. Find yourself surrounded by names and dates but feel like you are missing that connection.

Here's how I can help:

  • I’ll share my Story Transformation, Project Management & Research techniques to help you to keep discovering more about your ancestors whilst you are writing up their stories. No more having to choose between the two!
  • Support you to learn new skills AND guide you as you put them into practise!
  • Help you to put your ancestors into the context of the time and place within which they lived. Understand their lives and feel connected.
  • Clarify your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them. No more flitting from one thing to another. Make good use of your precious time.
  • Provide you with a community of family history lovers, all as passionate about the past as you! You’ll always have someone to share your ideas and findings with PLUS you have somewhere to turn when you get stuck or have questions.

Join the Curious Descendants Club. Discover your ancestors, get organised, get writing, keep researching and enjoy a vibrant community!


  • Having stories that your family love to receive and read.
  • Having a legacy to pass down the generations.
  • Never having to stare at a blank page ever again.
  • Feeling a real sense of connection with your unique ancestors.
  • Being able to progress at your own pace. Make the most of your precious time by focusing on what matters to you.
  • Being part of a community full of people that love family history. People that want to hear your stories. People that can learn from and support each other.

How would it feel to hold your ancestors stories in your hands? To leaf through pages of stories unique to your family history?

How would it feel to pass down your research? To know all your hard work will be treasured?

The Curious Descendants Club is best for you if...

You love discovering the past.

You don’t just want to know where your ancestors were born or where they lived . You want to understand what their lives were really like. You love social history and you want to see your ancestors in the context of the time and place within which they lived. You want all the history rich details added to your stories!

You care about your ancestors.

Your ancestors are important to you. You’re looking to understand what makes you, you and they are a huge part of that! You want to feel some sort of connection with your family history. You really care about what your ancestors lives were really like. You want more than names and dates. You want their story.

You want to get your research organised and keep it that way! You want to write and share stories WHILST you carry on your research journey. And you don’t want to have to do it all alone! Your excited to join in a friendly and supportive community of other people – just as passionate as you!

You want to be part of the club

Come join a community of family historians. Learn from both me, other experts and from the Curious Descendants. We work together in live workshops, recorded sessions, during co-working hours or simply by sharing stories in our exclusive Facebook Group.

How does it work and what's included?

The Curious Descendants Club is brand new and I’m looking for people truly passionate about family history to try out it’s offerings, join in the fun and give me feedback. But here’s my plans to get us started:

Learn By Doing

Monthly LIVE Workshops on organising, researching and writing your family history. Go beyond listening to talks and get interactive with workshops packed with activities so you learn by ‘doing’. Every workshop will be highly practical with clear outcomes. Times will vary so people across different time zones get a chance to join in but the sessions will also be recorded for those that can’t attend & those that want a re-watch.

Be Supported

Exclusive Facebook Group – picking up where the workshops finish, we’ll build a supportive community and I’ll be on hand to help you implement your learning and celebrate your amazing discoveries. They’ll be regular opportunities to share your writing too!

Be Together

Co-working sessions held over Zoom – everyone can ‘get on’ with their own research but if you get stuck, have a question, or just want to share something exciting then everyone (including me) is on hand to listen and help.

Be Motivated

Community Challenges – I’ll be running regular fun mini challenges to help you generate new writing ideas, kick start your organisation and shake up your research. Most importantly these will help you stay motivated!

Discover Stories

Story Focus – As a lover of stories I believe historical context is key to really understanding and connecting with the pass. I’ll bring this focus into everything I do – just like I do now.


& help shape the Club

I recently opened the doors to a small group of Founding Members. I’m listening their comments, ideas and thoughts to help me build you the membership you want. The Club doors are currently closed but will re-open later this year with a special Early Bird offering.


The Curious Descendants Club

The Curious Descendants Club doors are temporarily closed whilst I settle in new members. But they will be re-opening this year with a special early bird offering. If you’d like to be notified of this time-limited deal then scroll down to the form below to pop yourself on my waiting list.


You’ll have a year to access a monthly delivery of live workshops (so at least 12 workshops – all re-watchable). Plus, access to help from me, talks from the many experts I work with and so much more. From challenges to a place to chat with others passionate about history. Let’s get writing and sharing our ancestors’ stories.

Plus you’ll be invited to the exclusive Curious Descendant’s Club Facebook Group where a community of like-minded family history lovers are ready to welcome you into the fold.


Join the Club Waitlist and you will be offered the chance to sign up to the time limited EARLY BIRD offer BEFORE the doors are opened to the public (including 700+ people on my email list or my almost 3,500 twitter followers). Of course, if you put your name on the list and change your mind later – there is no obligation to buy. You can unsubscribe at any time.

PLUS whilst you wait, you can receive my optional daily emails full of family history tips and ideas AND my weekly news round up. 

The Curious Descendants Club launched in May 2021 and Founding Member slots sold out within 2 weeks. Don’t miss out on joining next time the doors open. Spaces will be limited so that I can ensure everyone that joins gets eased into the group and receives the welcome they deserve. 

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