Genealogy Stories offers a range of services. Here I’ve put together a brief selection of some testimonials from real clients.

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Prisoner of War, interned in Japan

Thank you so much for my genealogy report, I have long wondered more about my grandfather’s experience in a Japanese POW camp and your report was loaded with very useful information.  As this was such a delicate subject we never asked my Grandad about his time as a POW, so our knowledge was limited.

The report was very detailed, and also had all the supporting documentation which I would never have known how to find myself.  I was shocked by how many times he was moved to different camps.  Now I know what camps he was held on and where I will be able to research further.

I will be using Genealogy Stories again, the report arrived quickly and was brilliantly written.  Thanks!

Sarah from Cornwall

genealogy services

More than just names and dates

I had always wondered who my Dad’s family had been, and where they came from, but had drawn a blank when trying to research them myself.  When I asked Genealogy Stories to undertake an investigation into them I had no idea what to expect, other than some names and dates.

The in-depth story of the Finnemore family I received took my breath away.  I was able to see where they lived, hear their stories, and have their lives put into the context of British history.  The photographs, copies from registers and certificates along with the explanation as to what they meant was far more than I ever expected.  

I have learnt so much and can’t wait to find out more about other parts of my family!

Jenni from Portsmouth

I was really impressed with the way Genealogy Stories put together my family tree.  I asked Natalie to look into my mother’s side only as I didn’t know much about that side of the family.

I couldn’t believe she found out so much information.  She recovered a family secret from the late 1890s and even presented proof through primarily sources, which I was amazed at.  I didn’t think Natalie would be able to go to get hold of such a variety of sources, not only from death, marriage and birth certificates but a variety of newspaper articles that gave real insight into my family.

Natalie managed to locate family information from my grandparents’ birth place in Russia which was outstanding.

I want to thank Genealogy Stories for bringing my family history back to life and because I have been so happy with her progress, I have now instructed her to investigate my father’s family history and to complete my family tree in full.

I cannot recommend Genealogy Stories highly enough. Natalie is thoroughly professional and I felt she really cared about getting as much detail as possible.  Thank you Natalie.

Doreen from Denmead

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