#TwiceRemoved with Sarah Murden

Twice Removed Series 2 Episode 4

Historian Sarah Murden takes us back in time to explore our Georgian ancestors. What was life like for our working ancestors? Why was there such a big divide between poor and rich? How long did they live and why was everyone so obsessed with getting married? Sarah answers all this and more!

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A Spotlight on Sarah Murden

Sarah Murden is an 18th century historian, genealogist and co-author of several historical biographies of the period. She spends much more of her life than she really should down proverbial 18th century ‘rabbit holes’ ferreting out new pieces of information about the period to share with readers of her blog, All Things Georgian, which covers everything from aristocrats to murderers, art to fashion and everything in between. You can find out more about her books via Pen & Sword Books, or follow her on social media via Twitter, which is where she can usually be found or on her Facebook page.

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