#TwiceRemoved with Paul Couchman

Twice Removed Series 2 Episode 2

Historian Paul Couchman serves up a delicious slice of Regency history in this episode dedicated to food from the past. Find out about what  your ancestors ate, how they cooked, how they learnt and shared their recipes. We talk about everything from street fair to French fine dining.

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Regency Food History with Paul Couchman

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A Spotlight on Paul Couchman

Paul Couchman also known as The Regency Cook helps people, fascinated by history and food, to rediscover recipes from the 1830s. Paul runs online classes, cooking from old recipes, combining culinary fun with learning a bit of history.

You can find out more about Paul and bag yourself an amazing 1740’s chocolate tart recipes by visiting his website: paulcouchman.co.uk

You can follow Paul on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 

As mentioned in the interview, Paul has been heavily involved in the restoration of The Regency Town House in Brighton, England.

To find out more about this beautiful heritage centre and museum, see www.rth.org.uk

You can follow The Regency Town House on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Follow advice from The Regency Town House’s knowledgeable house keeper, Mrs Finnegan on Twitter

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