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Twice Removed Series 2 Episode 5

Anne Lister, a diarist, shot to fame when she became the subject of the brilliant BBC Drama Gentleman Jack. Anne was played by Suranne Jones and I think half the nation fell in love with this vivacious character. I know I did! But who was the real Anne Lister? What can her diaries, which famously recorded her intimate relationships with women tell us? What else did she record and why are her diaries so important? 

Livia Labate and Amanda Pryce from the incredible Packed With Potential Project explain all!

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Discovering Anne Lister

You can listen to all series and episodes of Twice Removed on the podcast (of the same name), available on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify and more.

A Spotlight on Packed With Potential

Packed With Potential’s purpose is to uncover and understand Anne Lister’s life and historical context through open, collaborative and accessible research and references.

Their website is a hub for a community of individuals pursuing independent research to reference, contribute and publish resources, findings and connect with others.

You can follow Packed With Potential on Twitter or Instagram.

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