#TwiceRemoved with Mark Crail

The British Museum was fortified against attack. Manchester was in the hands of the Chartists. Over 3 million people signed a petition fighting for the right for all men to vote. Chartism is about more than a few blokes waving around a petition. It’s a vital part of British history. Find out more with expert Mark Crail. 

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An Expert Guide To Chartism

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A Spotlight on Mark Crail

Mark Crail launched the Chartist Ancestors website back in 2003, mostly because he thought it would be good to share some of the interesting source material he had discovered while researching his own Chartist ancestor.

From there, the site grew and grew, taking on something of a life of its own. The site now includes more than 10,000 known Chartists, recording wherever possible their names, addresses, occupations and contributions to the movement.

You can follow Mark on Twitter, where he regularly shares his knowledge and passion for history.

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Ordinary Ancestors

The vast majority of our ancestors were “ordinary” working-class people. They may not have left behind as many personal documents as their wealthier counterparts, but you can still discover their voice.

Discover your working-class heroes and the history of their struggle for better rights.

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