A Fresh Look at DNA for Genealogy: Rediscovering the Lost

Twice Removed

My guest, expert genetic genealogist Michelle Leonard, shares her amazing DNA discoveries and family history stories. From identifying the bodies of WWI soldiers to personal feelings on a grandmother that died tragically you, Michelle’s stories give a fresh perspective on using DNA for family history.

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Re-Discovering The Lost

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A Spotlight on Michelle Leonard

Michelle is a professional genealogist, genetic genealogist, researcher, speaker, writer and historian. She has considerable experience both as a traditional and a genetic genealogist. She specializes in the use of DNA testing for genealogical purposes and, in particular, solving adoption, unknown parentage, NPE, illegitimacy and other unknown ancestor mysteries. She also uses DNA testing in conjunction with paper trail research to confirm and grow family trees and break down brick walls.

You can find Michelle on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

Have you taken a DNA test yet?

As Michelle and I discuss, DNA is not always the easiest subject to get your head around. Many people take a test and then think, hmmm….now what?

Of course, that meant that I had to at least attempt to answer the question “now what”.  The article explains DNA basics, how to analyse your matches and what to do with all that information!

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