The Story Transformation Service


Transform your family history data into incredible, history rich stories WITHOUT having to develop creative writing skills.

Have you ever...

  • Found yourself drowning in dull data, facts that tell you who your ancestors were but not what their lives were like.
  • Watched popular family history TV programmes and yearned for those sorts of stories within your own tree.
  • Struggled to bring your more ordinary ancestors (those ag labs and labourers) to life.
  • Wished for stories to pass on to your descendants – one’s they’ll love reading.
  • Tried to write up your research but found it’s turned into a long list of facts with sources.
  • Struggled to find the time to write up and share your family history research, or
  • Faced the glazed stares of your family members as you try to explain to them your best genealogy finds.

Do you find yourself...

  • Desperately trying to develop creative writing skills.
  • Just doing more and more and more and more research until your family tree feels so huge and unwieldly you’re left wondering what the heck to do with it!
  • Trying blog challenges, some of which you complete and others which you never get round to even attempting – because there are just not enough hours in the day.
  • Starting to write your stories but constantly seeing the research gaps. Suddenly you find yourself back in that research loop.
  • Missing that sense of connection with your ancestors. The one you sought when you first started tracing your family tree.
  • Wishing you had something to show for all your years of hard work and research. Something tangible that you could pass down the generations.

So what now?

Return to that never ending search for more ancestors? Stare at that scary blank page? Or try something new and different. Finally find a real solution!

Here's what you could do:

Take another writing course and it might be great, but then again wasn’t the last one too? No course is going to buy you time. Or make something you don’t enjoy, fun!

Read other people’s stories hoping for inspiration and sure you might enjoy the read, but reading stories is very different to actually writing them.

Try micro-blogging, which again might help for a bit but eventually is going to result in a long list of tiny stories.

Here's how I can help:

Apply my Story Transformation technique to discover more about your ancestors without repeating your existing research.

Have your family history written up into a series of stories. You can add to these stories as your research progresses BUT they’ll still be fantastic stand-alone pieces. 

Put your ancestors into the context of the time and place within which they lived. Understand their lives AND get that important sense of connection.

Drop me a line to find out how I can help you bring your ancestors to life using the power of stories.


  • Having stories that your family love to receive and read
  • Having a legacy to pass down the generations
  • Never having to stare at a blank page ever again
  • Feeling a real sense of connection with your unique ancestors
  • Never having to try to make time for a writing course or blogging challenge ever again!

How would it feel to hold your ancestors stories in your hands? To leaf through pages of stories unique to your family history?

How would it feel to pass down your research? To know all your hard work will be treasured?

The Story Transformation is best for you if...

You love discovering the past.

You don’t just want to know where your ancestor was born or where they lived . You want to understand what their lives were really like. You love social history and you want to see your ancestors in the context of the time and place within which they lived. You want all the history rich details added to your stories!

You care about your ancestors.

Your ancestors are important to you. You’re looking to understand what makes you, you and they are a huge part of that! You want to feel some sort of connection with your family history. You really care about what your ancestors lives were really like. You want more than names and dates. You want their story.

You want to something flexible.

The Story Transformation is delivered in multiple formats – shiny pretty PDFs and ever so practical word / google doc documents PLUS an ‘oh so shareable’ presentation slide deck. Ideal for showing off your finds at that next big family event. Using The Story Transformation service means your stories are ready to be shared with your family BUT they can also be added to as you continue your research.

If you want beautiful stories & compelling narratives

Each Story Transformation Narrative comes with a PDF Presentation, giving you a visually appealing accompaniment to your longer narrative document. Audio narration optional!

The Story Transformation Presentation breaks down your stories into their core elements so that you have a PDF Presentation that you can share with everyone – even those descendants that aren’t history lovers.

Everything from colours to fonts is customisable so the Story Transformation Presentation can reflect your tastes.

How does it work and what's included?

Every family history is unique. Everyone has different amounts of data (facts, sources, existing stories, memories) so each Story Transformation project is costed up based on it’s own unique needs.

Don’t worry though, I do all the hard work for you. Simply get in touch and let me know if you are interested in The Story Transformation for your own research OR as a gift to a loved one. 

I will send you a quick questionnaire so that I can find out your exact needs and we can always pop on a quick Zoom over a cuppa. Whatever is easiest for you.

Once you’ve filled in the form (or enjoyed a biscuit and tea with me), I’ll write up a fully costed no obligation proposal. 

All Story Transformation narratives include: 

  • The Feeling Factor – things likely to have invoked strong feelings in your ancestors. The things that would have worried them, made them cry or laugh.
  • The Impact Factor – things that impacted upon your ancestors lives, from the invention of the fridge to the social reforms, like the New Poor Law.
  • The Gossip Factor – things your ancestors would have been talking about down the pub or over the washing line to their pals.
  • A narrative that puts your ancestors lives into the context of the time and place within which they live.
  • A narrative that uses socio-economic and cultural history to expand upon the facts you’ve already collected such as occupations and addresses.
  • Timelines – a timeline of the events within your ancestors life and timelines of more national / global matters.
  • Stories in Word or Google Doc, PDF and Presentation format for ultimate usage flexibility.
  • History rich details pulled from original sources.
  • Images, fancy subheadings and other tricks to break your narrative into manageable, readable, visually appealing sections.
  • Up to two edits before final sign off. You get to review the stories and feedback any desired changes for me to make up to two times, before we consider the work ‘complete’.
  • All sources used fully listed and cited.
  • Optional: The Newspaper Bolt On – I search the newspapers for your ancestors known addresses and use other crafty techniques to strive to find articles that might mention them personally.

All you need to do now is click that ‘get in touch’ button. Don’t be shy. I’m friendly, I promise – and your Story Transformation is just a tantalising click away from being realised.

Hop on The Wait List

Wow it’s been busy! In order to ensure a quality service, I limit the number of clients I’m working with at any one time. At the moment I’m fully booked but my waiting list is OPEN.

Get in touch now and I’ll get straight back to you on how to join the wait list. 

Get in touch


Of course, just get in touch and we can discuss your exact needs.

Yes, the Story Transformation makes a fantastic gift for the avid genealogist in your life! I love providing personalised gift certificates, so get in touch so we can chat about your exact needs.

This varies from project to project. Timelines for completion are provided for each individual project but please do make sure you inform me of any specific deadlines you might have.

I’m happy to send an example, just get in touch and in the meantime reading this article will help you understand my style.

We can use other video conferencing tech or simply chat over the phone.

This depends on the size of the project. Small projects are usually paid for upfront, medium projects 50% upfront and 50% upon completion. Large projects can be paid for in instalments. This info is included in your proposal.