Family History Research Services

Uncover your unique family history and discover a legacy of stories that can be passed down the generations.

Tired of trying to do it all yourself? Let me guess...

  • You’ve forked out for expensive genealogy sites but never actually get time to research your family history properly.
  • You’re drowning in confusing and / or boring bookmarked “how to” blog articles.
  • Your research efforts have led to the creation of a sadly soulless family tree.
  • Secretly (and strangely guiltily) you find the research side of family history really really dull.
  • You’ve thought about hiring a professional but you’re worried that it’ll mean relinquishing control of your research.
  • You’d like to hire a professional genealogist but you’re confused about how much it’ll cost.

How would it feel?

To have a family history full of juicy stories, solved mysteries, ancestral triumphs and tragedies – without having to take the time to do all that research yourself.


To have a family history now, that you can share with the older generations of your family whilst they are still here – and that can be passed down to your descendants.


To have accurate family history research, full of records and sources. And all without having to read a single “how to” article!


To be totally in charge of your own family history research without having to actually do any searching yourself.


To have your research planned out by someone experienced not just in genealogy but in Project Management too.

You don’t have to become a mechanic to drive a car, so why are you expected to become an expert genealogist in order to discover your family history?

I’ve always wondered whether the stories about my  Grandfather’s bigamy were true. To my delight, Natalie was able to finally confirm that they were! She found criminal records and newspaper articles. One article even recorded how my Grandmother reacted  upon finding out her husband was leading a second life! I was amazed to read her words 100 years later.

Doreen, Denmead

Natalie discovered that 200 years ago my family had been publicans. I never knew! Sadly they became bankrupt and my Great-Great-Great Grandfather committed suicide. Natalie dealt with this really sensitively – helping me to understand what life was like for him. I’m proud to be able to pass down my ancestors stories.

Caroline, Sheffield

How does it work and what's included?

My comprehensive, personalised Action Plan puts you 100% in control of your Family History Research:

Over a cosy Zoom call (bring a glass of wine or a cuppa) we’ll define your research goals.


The Action Plan breaks down the goal into a series of tasks.


Each task will be clearly explained and have a set budget so you know exactly what you are getting and at what cost. No nasty surprises at the end.



In the Action Plan we’ll have set “Checkpoints”. These are moments within the research during which I’ll liaise with you to discuss progress so far and advise on next steps. This will mostly be over email, but we can also chat on Zoom.


 The Action Plan is regularly updated so it always remains an accurate reflection of the work being undertaken.


At the end of the research you’ll get a report detailing and evidencing all the findings. Plus a list of all searches completed and exactly what search terms used. Meaning you can carry on further research (either yourself or with other specialists) without having to repeat any work. 


Of course you’ll get the actual research findings too – for example, census documents, newspaper articles, parish records, criminal records etc etc etc!


You’ll get me! Every genealogist brings their unique writing style to their reports. Mine is relaxed, jargon free and I take a pride in adding interesting historical tidbits to help you really understand your ancestors!


Hop on The Wait List

Wow it’s been busy! In order to ensure a quality service, I limit the number of clients I’m working with at any one time.  I’m currently fully booked until the end of JUNE 2021 but have a wait list for those wanting to book my services. 

Get in touch now and I’ll get straight back to you on how to join the wait list. 

OK great, but what does it cost?

For a similar cost to subscribing to multiple popular family history database sites you can have:


20 hours of research completed by an experienced genealogist (that’s me!)


Plus a bespoke Action Plan, customised to your needs so that you are remain totally in control of your research – this is a living document and is updated throughout the research process


Detailed reports explaining the key findings (the stories!) of your direct ancestors using social-historical information to help you really understand their lives

All reports are fully sourced, so you know exactly which evidence supports which facts


A full list of sources consulted, including all search terms used – so you can easily continue your research without having to redo any existing investigations


An electronic copy of your family tree and all relevant historical documents

All this for just £500 per 20 hours research.

(p.s. for requests less than 20 hours, the cost is £30 per hour.

Fantastic! What do I do now?

Step 1: Get in touch by completing the form below, providing a brief outline of your research query, e.g. I want to investigate my Great-Grandparents.


Step 2: I’ll reply with any immediate questions necessary to understand the gist of your inquiry. We’ll chat over email to organise your free Discovery Call. Don’t worry, at that point I’ll make sure you have everything you need in order to really make the most of the call.


Step 3: We’ll have a our Discovery Call and you’ll decide if you’d like me to proceed with making an Action Plan


Step 4: You review the Action Plan and we agree any changes. Once you are happy and give me the OK to start researching, then you pay 50% up front. The remainder will be paid either incrementally or at the end, depending on the size of the research.


Step 5: We’ll keep in close contact throughout the whole family history research service!

Get in touch


Good news, I can normally start researching a family tree from as little as your own birth certificate. 

Even if you or a parent were adopted it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find out about your ancestry. Please do get in touch. I’d love to help you find out more.

Yes, genealogy research makes a wonderful personal gift. I create attractive  and personalised gift certificates. Please get in touch and I’ll explain how this works. 

This varies depending on the type of research, the documents needed and where these documents are held. For example, it can take a couple of weeks for a birth certificate to arrive. The length of time for each task is detailed in my Action Plans.

Please don’t worry, you can be involved as little or as much as you like. We can discuss this during our Discovery Call.

We can use other video conferencing tech or simply chat over the phone.

You pay 50% of the agreed initial spend up front. Further payments can either be made incrementally or in one lump sum at the end. It all depends on the size of your query. Don’t worry, we’ll agree all this up front so you can budget accordingly.

The number of extra items required, such as birth certificates or wills, varies. Birth, marriage and death certificates cost between £7 – £11. Based on this, I initially advise a budget of £50 to £100 but re-visit this once research is underway.

I never add on additional charges to the purchase of documentation AND you are always consulted before purchases are made.