One to One Genealogy Tuition

Use a “hands on” approach to learn how to trace your own family history, including using DNA results.

Are you tired of trying to do it all by yourself?

  • You’ve tried learning using books, blogs and even videos but it’s time consuming, info is hard to retain and applying it in practice is even harder!


  • You’re sick to death of constantly pausing your research in order to post complex queries on Facebook Groups.


  • You wish you could just show someone your problem, explaining it face to face is so much easier than trying to write it down.
  • You’re worried you’ve wasted your money subscribing to genealogy sites because you’ve just ended up with trees that only contain names and dates – no stories.


  • You’ve spent £80+ on DNA tests and you don’t know what to do next.


  • You want lessons but not the commitment of having to attend a class every week.


  • Your time is limited and you want to trace your family history, whilst you learn.


  • You feel that learning should be fun. Just listening or reading is not enough. You want a personal, interactive experience.

Relax, grab a glass of vino or a mug of tea. We’ll trace your tree together, delve into DNA and find your unique family history.

How would it feel?

To be able to learn whilst progressing your own research.


To be able to increase your knowledge without having to  search out the right book or video guide.


To be able to show an experienced genealogist your problem and get instant advice.


To never have to try and write up your problem ever again.


To be able to fully utilise that genealogy website subscription and expensive DNA test.


To be able to learn at your own pace using a flexible approach.


 To have a fun and interactive learning experience.

How does it work and what's included?

Over a cosy Zoom call (bring a glass of wine or a cuppa) we’ll define your research goals.


 I’ll let you know what websites you need to subscribe to (both paid and free) so that you are fully prepared for your lessons.


   We’ll plan in the first lesson over Zoom and start researching your family tree together – or delving into your DNA results!


I’ll bring my years of experience to your unique family history, sharing not just what I know but how to find the answers for yourself.



 After each lesson we’ll agree when to schedule in the next session. This means we can flex lessons around waiting for documents to arrive or weeks where you want to research by yourself.


 Each session will be recorded so you don’t need to try to take notes whilst you are learning.


You’ll be able to progress your family tree or analyse your DNA matches whilst learning techniques that you can apply to future research.


The Wait List is OPEN!

Wow it’s been busy! In order to ensure a quality service, I limit the number of clients I’m working with at any one time.  SO I operate on a wait list system.

Get in touch now and I’ll get straight back to you on how to join the wait list.

OK great, but what does it cost?

My one-to-one tuition is really flexible, you can purchase as little as one hour or as many hours as you like! There are no course schedules tying you down. We can cover the topics that matter to you – whether it’s getting organised, finding stories or hunting that elusive Great-Grandfather.

Optional FREE 15 to 30 minutes Zoom consultation to discuss your needs

One-to-one tuition over Zoom led by an experienced genealogist

Recorded sessions so you never need to worry about taking notes

Follow up notes providing guidance on next steps for you to take

Ultimate flexibility, have a lesson when you want it.

All this for just £50 per hour!

Fantastic! What do I do now?

Step 1: Get in touch by completing the form below, providing a brief outline of your level of needs e.g. I’m a complete beginner or I’ve just done a DNA test and need some help.


Step 2: We’ll chat over email to organise your free Discovery Call to discuss your learning requirements.


Step 3: We’ll have our Discovery Call and arrange your first lesson.


Step 4: You decide if you want to pay for one lesson at a time or whether you’d like to purchase 5 or more hours. Don’t worry, I will honour the reduced fee if you purchase one hour and then decide you want more.

Get in touch


Ideally, you’ll be subscribed to a site like Ancestry or Find My Past. But don’t worry if you are not. We can discuss this during the Discovery Call and I can advise on which sites will be best for you.

Yes, one-to-one tuition makes a wonderful gift. I create attractive, personalised gift certificates. Please get in touch and I’ll explain how this works. 

Yes! You don’t need to be a computer whizz, as long as you can navigate the basics of a website then we will be able to work together.

If you don’t like to use Zoom then we can look at alternative video conferencing software – you can even use Facebook Messenger!

You can either pay after each lesson (but before the next one) or pay a reduced rate and purchase 5 or more lessons upfront.