Gift Certificates

Give a gift as special as your loved one. Family History gift certificates make a unique, deeply personal and thoughtful present. 

Are you looking for....?

  • A gift that’s personal and thoughtful.
  • A gift that keeps on giving.
  • Something unique for a special event, like a milestone birthday or a wedding.
  • A gift that’s surprising and unpredictable!
  • A gift that’s unique, you won’t find it on the high street.

You can purchase gift certificates for either Family History Research, Tuition or a mix of these two products!

Example Gift Certificate

Fantastic! What do I do now?

Step 1: Get in touch by completing the form below, providing a brief outline of your query, e.g. I want to purchase a gift certificate for my Mum


Step 2: I’ll reply with any immediate questions necessary to understand the gist of your inquiry. We’ll chat over email to organise your free Discovery Call. Don’t worry, at that point I’ll make sure you have everything you need in order to really make the most of the call.


Step 3: We’ll have a our Discovery Call and you’ll decide if you’d like me to proceed with creating a Gift Certificate.

Step 4: You’ll pay 50% of the estimated cost of the research or tuition up front. The remainder will be paid either incrementally or at the end, depending on the size of the research. If you’d rather pay one lump sum for a fixed number of hours, then that’s fine too.


Step 5: I’ll create the Gift Certificate and send it to you. You’ll let me know once you’ve given it to your loved one and pass on my email address so that I can hold a free Discovery Call with them. This means the gift is tailored to their needs and you don’t have to guess what they might or might not already know.


Step 6: For those paying incrementally or at the end, I’ll keep in close contact with you (as well as the gift recipient, of course). You’ll be kept informed throughout the whole research process.

Get in touch


Yes! I give both those purchasing the gift certificate and the recipient a free Discovery Call. This means the recipient can tell me what they do (or don’t) know about their family. You don’t have to guess on their behalf!

Even if your gift recipient or their parent is/was adopted it doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t find out about their ancestry. Please do get in touch.

You don’t have to decide! You can purchase a gift certificate and I can discuss these options with the recipient. They can even opt for a mix of the two services. Please get in touch and I’ll explain how this works. 

This varies depending on the type of research, the documents needed and where these documents are held. For example, it can take a couple of weeks for a birth certificate to arrive. The length of time for each task is detailed in my Action Plans.

Normally I create two versions of the same Action Plan – one with financials so that you can retain control of the budget – and one without financials for the gift recipient. That way they can see progress, but not the costings. Please do book a Discovery Call so that we can discuss this further.

We can use other video conferencing tech or simply chat over the phone.

I offer some flexibility for gift certificates, especially when they are for research (rather than tuition). Generally, you pay 50% of the agreed initial spend up front. Further payments can either be made incrementally or in one lump sum at the end. It all depends on the size of your query. Don’t worry, we’ll agree all this up front so you can budget accordingly.