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Research Package

Have you already traced some of your family tree? Do you need help writing up your findings? Or perhaps you need assistance with a brickwall? Maybe you have a question about just one ancestor? Or want someone to visit a Record Office on your behalf? Whatever your query. Big or Small. The Research Package is designed for you.

Can you help with a quick query?

Yes! Sometimes our customers know exactly what they want and where to get it. They just can’t get there themselves! We can help. The Research Package offers the ultimate flexibility. I adjust my prices depending on the time and effort involved in solving your problem. Need a quick look up at Hampshire Record Office? Then we can help. Want to find and order a will? No problem! Book your free consultation to discuss your needs.

Can you help with complex research?

Yes! Does your research potentially involve looking at lots of different sources at various locations? Don’t worry. We work with you to set a rolling budget. This means you pay for research in stages, reviewing the results regularly. Our ancestors often surprise us, and this means we need to be flexible. For example, we review research after every visit to an archive. This means we can agree the next course of action together – and of course make sure we are clear on our budget. Having worked in Project Management for a number of years, we know how to manage time and costs.

Examples of previous queries…

We’ve had a variety of queries including:

  • Researching the military career of a WWII Prisoner of War
  • Proving Irish ancestry (in order to obtain Irish passport)
  • Newspaper look ups
  • Review of existing genealogy work
  • Tracking down an elusive grandfather

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