From Policeman to Defendant: Samuel Livewell Davies

Samuel Livewell Davies was my 3x Great-Grandfather.  I have always wondered whether his middle name was pronounced live-well (as in “I live for genealogy”) or live-well (as in, “I feel a-live“).  And more to the point, did he “live-well?”  It’s probably debatable. This photo has been widely shared on Ancestry and is purported to be Samuel Livewell Davies. Samuel, son of David Davies and Ann … Continue reading From Policeman to Defendant: Samuel Livewell Davies

Thomas Burgin: Costermonger & Killer?

Thomas was the 2nd youngest of 6 (known) children safely delivered to Sarah and Charles. Born in Paddington on 3rd November 1828. By the age of 12 his family had moved to Little North Street (which used to run off Capland Street), in the St John’s area of Marylebone. Initially Thomas’ father, Charles worked as a labourer but by December 1845 he’d started to branch … Continue reading Thomas Burgin: Costermonger & Killer?