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WWI: What happened to the Pither family?

he devastating effect of war should not be underestimated. Tracing our family history during WWI is crucial, and will help us to understand the ways in which war effected all our ancestors. I was particularly struck by the losses of one Pither family. I don’t know how or if they are connected to my Pither(s) but I found their story so compelling that I just had to share it.

Focus On: Brick Walls

There are many reasons why, even the most experienced of genealogists, hits a brick wall in their research. Two primary causes for these stumbling blocks are; lack of data and too much data

The 3 Wives of Joseph Blee

My 4 x Great-Grandmother, Emma Spicer was born in about 1828 and christened on 18 April 1830 in Baldock, Hertfordshire. She was the 3rd child, and one of 11 chi