Why you should get RootsTech ready & how to do it!

RootsTech London will have over 150 talks and an exhibition hall jam-packed with over 100 stalls. With so much to see and do you need to make sure you are getting ready to make the absolute best of this amazing learning opportunity. Luckily I’m here to give you some quick tips to make sure you make the most of this crazy family-history extravaganza! Seriously, I’m … Continue reading Why you should get RootsTech ready & how to do it!

From Policeman to Defendant: Samuel Livewell Davies

Samuel Livewell Davies was my 3x Great-Grandfather.  I have always wondered whether his middle name was pronounced live-well (as in “I live for genealogy”) or live-well (as in, “I feel a-live“).  And more to the point, did he “live-well?”  It’s probably debatable. This photo has been widely shared on Ancestry and is purported to be Samuel Livewell Davies. Samuel Livewell, son of David Davies and … Continue reading From Policeman to Defendant: Samuel Livewell Davies

Your Genealogy Mid-Year Review

Wow! Is it just me or has the first half of the year whizzed by? It’s amazing how quickly 6 months can go by. Christmas feels like yesterday, and paradoxically it’s a distant memory. All that motivation we felt whilst setting our New Year’s Resolutions seems to have evaporated. Our goal setting fever is a hazy memory and if we don’t review our genealogy plans … Continue reading Your Genealogy Mid-Year Review

What is RootsTech & Why Should I Go?

This year has seen an explosion in genealogy shows, events or conferences and the one I’m most excited about is #RootsTechLondon, a conference or exhibition taking place at ExCeL London from 24th to 26th October. I’m proud to be supporting the event as an ‘ambassador’. But what exactly is RootsTech? And why should you be excited about it? I first heard about #RootsTech on Twitter. … Continue reading What is RootsTech & Why Should I Go?

A complete guide to the Guild of One-Name Studies

Have you considered joining the Guild of One-Name Studies? There are so many Family History Societies, Local History groups and genealogical associations to join. Deciding which one(s) to go for can be struggle, especially, if (like me), you suffer from indecisiveness. This Christmas I took the plunge and joined the Guild of One-Name Studies. I’d already started my own One-Name Study (ONS) and it made … Continue reading A complete guide to the Guild of One-Name Studies

Thomas Burgin: Costermonger & Killer?

Thomas was the 2nd youngest of 6 (known) children safely delivered to Sarah and Charles. Born in Paddington on 3rd November 1828. By the age of 12 his family had moved to Little North Street (which used to run off Capland Street), in the St John’s area of Marylebone. Initially Thomas’ father, Charles worked as a labourer but by December 1845 he’d started to branch … Continue reading Thomas Burgin: Costermonger & Killer?

Ask the Experts: An Interview!

We are about to enter a jam-packed genealogical extravaganza of a year with some huge exhibitions planned for 2019. It feels like more and more people are taking the plunge and diving into their family history. With this in mind, I’ve asked six genealogical experts (including me), six questions about their top tips, 2019 predictions, favourite sites and toolbox essentials. You might recognise some of … Continue reading Ask the Experts: An Interview!

WWI – The Story of One Family

All losses in any war are tragic but I was particularly struck by the story of one Pither family. I don’t know how or if they are connected to my Pither(s) but they are a very interesting family. Frances Leon Emilius Pither was born on 20 May 1853 and married Maria Lousia Barrett on 26 April 1883 at the Parish Church in Hornsey. The couple … Continue reading WWI – The Story of One Family