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Did you know that there a whole host of fantastic Facebook groups and pages dedicated to genealogy and local history? Simply visit Facebook and use the search function – type in the title or subject of the group your looking for. Here are just a few of my favourites;

UK Military Genealogy and Photograph Identification Group

This group is administered by Bryan Johncock and his team of experts. It is not a forum but requests that members post specific questions. Clear guidelines for using the group are included in the description. Bryan and his team helped me to discover more about my RAF ancestor Dennis Hardwick, who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during WW2. They also helped to identify the regiment of my 2x Great Grandfather, Frank Davies from a photograph I shared.

Family History Writing and Photos

Lynne Combine administrates this fledgling group. With 523 members (at present) the group is quickly growing in numbers. I’ve used it to share blog posts and request feedback. I’ve also enjoyed reading other people’s stories and looking at photos. This group is conversational in style and is about sharing rather than requesting help with a specific genealogy query.

Genealogy Do-Over

This group is linked to the Genealogy Do-Over website, an initiative that has a huge following. Aimed at helping you to revisit your research, correct mistakes, improve source recording, and generally look at your research with fresh eyes. It’s a very practical group, you’ll see posts about the best way to store documents, use genealogy programmes, or create source citations.

County Specific Groups

There are a wide number of county specific genealogy groups, that are titled – Ancestors and Genealogy, for example London and Middlesex – Ancestors and Genealogy.

These groups focus on sharing information, and helping queries related to a specific county.

Genealogy Addicts UK & Worldwide

This group over over 9,000 genealogy lovers – from beginners to experts is a fantastic resource for posting questions or queries about genealogy. These could be general genealogy requests (such as what genealogy database programme would you recommend?) to pleas for help with locating information on a particularly tricky ancestor. There are also a whole host of files that you can peruse on a wide range of topics. There is also a file for each letter of the alphabet, so you can share your surname interests and perhaps find others researching the same name. Be warned this group does get very busy and it’s sometimes easy for your post to get lost in the sheer volume of messages. Be patient, you can always post again in a few days.

Try to keep posts on topic – this group is for specific queries not for sharing stories or photos.

Genealogy Addicts Photos & Stories (GAPS)

This group is the sister site of Genealogy Addicts UK & Worldwide. It is for sharing photos and stories, and not for research help requests – unless they are photo specific.


There are host of pages dedicated to local history, archives, libraries, or even surnames.

Try searching for counties, cities, towns and villages to discover pages that regularly share photos. Or look for your local county archives, Family History Society, or library?

I currently follow; Hampshire In Old Photographs, Basingstoke Through The Ages

and Basingstoke Discovery Centre

Can’t find what you are looking for?

If you can’t find what you are looking for, then why not start your own group or page? It’s easy to do and you can create closed groups so that you decide who can and can’t join. It can be a good way to share with genealogy with family, or to organise a reunion!

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